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The five board members of the HPOZ are largely comprised of resident homeowners or renters in the HPOZ area of the Jefferson Park community, two of whom must have experience in real estate, construction and architecture.  Board members are familiar with the rewards and challenges of living in historic houses and can provide expert free advice through the Consultation process to property owners who wish to repair and upgrade their homes. The qualifications for HPOZ board members are set out in City Ordinance No. 184903 which can be found on the City Planning Dept.’s Office of Historic Resources website, here.

An HPOZ board must have five members.  Board members serve for a maximum of two, four-year terms.  At least three members must be Renters or Owners of the area of the HPOZ.   The appointing authorities and board member qualifications are:

Mayor:    One member having extensive real estate or construction experience.

Councilmember:    One member who is a Renter or Owner of Property in the Preservation Zone(s) shall be appointed by the Councilmember of the district in which the Preservation Zone is located.

Cultural Heritage Commission:   Appoints two members, one of whom must be an architect licensed by the State of California, and one of whom must own or rent property in the zone.

HPOZ Board:   One member who is a Renter or Owner of Property in the Preservation Zone.  The local Neighborhood Council may recommend an applicant for this position and the board must consider the recommended applicant.

HPOZ Board: About


To sign up for meeting notifications, the agenda, and project information, please email the current city planner here.

Meeting Dates and Time:
1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month; 6pm - 8pm
Meeting Location:
Jefferson Branch Public Library 2211 W Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90018

Meetings are hybrid and can be attended either in person or virtually. See the link in the agenda.

HPOZ Board: About
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