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The Historic Resources Survey is a document which identifies all Contributing and Non-contributing structures and all Contributing landscaping, natural features and sites,  individually or collectively, including street features, furniture or fixtures, and which is certified as to its accuracy and completeness by the cultural heritage commission.

Chapter 5 Historic Resources Survey: About


To fi nd out if a particular structure, landscape feature, natural features, or site is Contributing, consult the Historic Resource Survey. Depending on the Contributing/Non-contributing status of a structure, feature, or site, different elements of the design guidelines will be used in the planning and review of projects.

Contributing Structures

Contributing structures are those structures, landscape features, natural features, or sites identified as Contributing in the Historic Resources survey for the HPOZ. Generally, “Contributing” structures will have been built within the historic Period of Significance of the HPOZ, and will retain elements that identify it as belonging to that period. The historic period of significance of the HPOZ is usually the time period in which the majority of construction in the area occurred. In some instances, structures that are compatible with the architecture of that period or that are historic in their own right, but were built outside of the Period of Significance of the district, will also be “Contributing”.

Contributing Altered

Contributing Altered structures are structures that date  from  the period of significance, built in the same time period as Contributing structures that have retained their historic character in spite of subsequent alterations or additions and are deemed reversible.

Non-contributing Structures

Non-contributing structures are those structures, landscapes, natural features, or sites identified as not  retaining their historic character as  a result of non-reversible alterations, or as having been built outside of the HPOZ Period of Significance or because they are vacant lots.

The Jefferson Park Historic Resources Survey can be reviewed at:

City Hall

City Planning Department,

Office of Historic Resources

200 N Spring Street, Room 620

Los Angeles, CA 90021

Chapter 5 Historic Resources Survey: About
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