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Chapter 1 Mission Statement: Welcome

To maintain and enhance the historic integrity, sense of place, and quality of life in the Jefferson Park HPOZ area, and to preserve and stabilize the neighborhood for future generations, the Jefferson Park HPOZ and Preservation Plan shall,

• Promote education by encouraging interest in the cultural, social, and architectural history of Jefferson Park;

• Foster neighborhood pride in Jefferson Park and its cultural and architectural history among residents and property owners of both residential and commercial buildings;

• Ensure that historic preservation is inclusive of all residents and encourage residents to participate in historic preservation;

• Preserve the character of Jefferson Park, and structures, natural features and sites that contribute to its distinctive culture and history;

• Provide clear guidelines for appropriate rehabilitation, new construction, and relocation of both residential and commercial structures in the HPOZ; and

• Provide residents and business owners with pertinent information about historic preservation resources and opportunities.

Chapter 1 Mission Statement: About Us
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